When it became clear that my family was out-growing our home and I needed to prepare to sell and move, I was resistant and afraid. The process of organizing, updating, sorting and moving was very daunting and overwhelming. It was my first experience with the real estate market and I was clueless how to navigate it. Donna’s abounding energy and magnetic personality quickly gave me direction and focus. Her compassion to the challenges I was facing, both practical and emotional, created a trust that I could rely on. She showed the utmost respect for my agenda and time frame, but was still able to guide and encourage me to stay on top of the market. Donna’s can-do attitude inspired me to get my own task list done. Her positive attitude made the process fun and hopeful for me. I followed all of her advice and she was able to motivate me to list my home at the exact right moment. She committed to bringing buyers in early, negotiated multiple offers, made fast and hard decisions, all the while calmed my anxiety, and sold my house in 3 days above our listing price! But my story does not end here. Donna tirelessly researched new homes for us to move into. She would not settle for any home that was not to our utmost liking. She intuitively read our personalities and brought us only to the homes and neighborhoods that suited our lifestyle. The best is the genuine excitement that Donna showed when we found our dream home. Donna Vanneste is a bright light of strength and energy. She was a large part of a very important decision. There is no one else that could have done this job for us!

- Donna,

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